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Kate's Chocolate Cakes
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Welcome to Kate's Chocolate Cakes L. L. C.
Wholesale Bakery for Coffee Shops, Tea Shops, and Industrial Plants and Others.
We specialize in absolutely no cholesterol in the Rich Dark Chocolate Cakes.  They
are absolutely VEGAN.
Also Available are rich chocolate chip walnut cookies, dark
chocolate fudge, moist rich chocolate brownies and
deep chocolate pies.  Other cookies on order too.
We bake them all.  Just ask for your favorite dessert and
our prices.
We Deliver.

Kate's Chocolate Cakes has been in business for 21 years.  We are Natives to Whatcom County, growing up in the Ferdnale area.
We  supply desserts to local coffee and tea shops in Whatcom County.
We also have supplied desserts for the Industries such as Alcoa ,Intalco Aluminum Corp. for
their many meetings.  During the breaks, the attendees scarf down chocolate chip cookies,
brownies and chocolate cake. They are all ready to go with the information they receive
at the meetings after the coffee breaks. Full of energy and enthusiasm.

Kate's Chocolate Cakes


$19.95 per cake with absolutely no cholesterol and consumers can not tell the difference.
Vegans love this cake because it has no animal, no eggs and no dairy in it.
Covered Wagons coming across the United States to settle the West made this cake
because they didn't have the above ingredients.
Please get in touch to offer comments and join our mailing list for sales and specials!

You can e-mail us at:

Kate's Chocolate Cakes, 2595 Jensen Road, Bellingham, Washington 98226 360-671-8338